X5 Dialog 2022: сonference of X5 Group’s major partners

10:00 — 15:00 место проведения Moscow, online



Plenary session “X5 Group’s and Retail Chains’ Strategy”

Igor Shekhterman

CEO of X5 Group

Ekaterina Lobacheva

President X5 Group

Vladislav Kurbatov

General Director of Pyaterochka

Andrey Kalmykov

General Director of Perekrestok

Ilya Yakubson

General Director of Chizhik


Plenary session for commercial directors. Key focus areas of commercial strategy in 2023

Dmitry Medvedev

Commercial Director, Perekrestok

Valeriy Pushkarev

Head of Category Management, Pyaterochka


Q&A Session and Award ceremony for partners




Parallel sessions

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Store as media and media as store

At the round table, we will discuss the state of the advertising market in the new reality: how much is traditional and online marketing shrinking and how are retailers’ omnichannel ad platforms evolving. The speakers will answer the following questions: how are Pyaterochka and Perekrestok responding to changing consumer needs? What promo and ad tools does Х5 Group leverage to launch and support new brands? What kind of upside does the X5 Club combined loyalty programme offer to suppliers? How successful is Food.ru?

Nikolay Shestakov

Head of X5 Media

Mikhail Yartsev

Strategic Marketing Director, Pyaterochka

Nadezhda Sidorova

Head of Trade Marketing, Pyaterochka

Alexandr Chukhontsev

Head of Loyalty and Partnerships, X5 Group

Alyona Khetagurova

Head of Partner and Supplier Management, Perekrestok

Alyona Semichastnova

Head of Monetisation and Loyalty Programmes at Pyaterochka

Valeria Zhukova

Head of brand management and marketing communications,
acting brand and long-term loyalty director at Perekrestok

X5 Media contacts
Food.ru — Nikolay Shestakov, N.Shestakov@x5.ru
X5 Dialog — Dmitry Prusov, Dmitry.Prusov@x5.ru
Pyaterochka (CVM, delivery, loyalty programme) — Natalia Bogoroditskaya,
Pyaterochka (brands and integration packages — Yuliya Kashnikova,
Perekrestok — Alena Khetagurova, promo.perekrestok@x5.ru
X5 Club, partnerships — Sergey Morozov, Sergey.Morozov5@x5.ru


Private labels and exclusive brands: Quality 2.0

The round table will focus on the highly important topic of retail chains’ strategies to grow private labels and exclusive brands. The speakers will discuss the impact of the macro environment on consumer behaviour, ambitions and prospects for private labels and exclusive brands, ways to build strong communications with suppliers and develop a product offering, localisation of private label manufacturing and much more. The goal is to engage suppliers in new interactions.




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Svetlana Silenina

Head of the Consumer Market direction INFOLine

Alexandr Kovalenko

Private Label Director, Perekrestok

Alexey Gavrilov

Head of Private Label Beverages, Pyaterochka

Maxim Golubchikov

General Director at Imprice


Product availability: challenges and effective supply chain management

national suppliers in collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment amid the changing economic and consumer trends (more expensive logistics, growing omnichannel sales, development of X5 Dialog and Big Data tools) and provide information on new ways of interacting with local suppliers, key joint initiatives in supply chain management, and opportunities we offer through the Logistics as a Service project and beyond.


If you are a participant, please fill out our survey. It will take less than a minute.

Elena Konnova

Director for Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development X5 Group

Natalia Grekhova

Supply Chain Director, Perekrestok

Igor Chebunin

Supply Chain Director, Pyaterochka

Vladimir Nyukhlov

Corporate Development Director at NMGK Group (Nizhny Novgorod Oil and Fat Plant)

Zoya Makhaneva

Head of Planning at NMGK Group (Nizhny Novgorod Oil and Fat Plant)

Maria Golovchanskaya

Head of National Sales Planning at ASG (Alcohol Siberian Group)

Elena Domoratskaya

Customer Relationship Director at Danone

Ivan Zhurenkov

General Director at TD Dmitrogorsky Product

Ilya Semenov

Head of Customer Relations and Service at United Breweries of Heineken

Andrey Krivko

Logistics and Customer Service Director at Unilever Rus

Alexey Finoshin

Head of Key Account Management at TD Dmitrogorsky Product


Hot topics in retail chain – supplier relations: commercial directors session

Mihail Burmistrov

CEO INFOLine-Analytics

Valeriy Pushkarev

Head of Category Management, Pyaterochka

Yulia Tikhonova

Head of F&V Category Management, Pyaterochka

Diana Yumatova

Head of Fresh and Ultra-fresh Category Management, Pyaterochka

Viktor Eydemiller

Head of Ready Food, Pyaterochka

Dmitry Medvedev

Commercial Director, Perekrestok

Anna Filin

Head of Category Development, Perekrestok

Anton Chizhov

Category Head, Grocery, Perekrestok

Elena Shevyakova

Category Head, Associated and Non-Food Products, Perekrestok

Alexandra Sukhareva

Acting Category Head, Fruit and Vegetables, Perekrestok

Ilya Sokolov

Category Head, Beverages, Alcohol and Tobacco, Perekrestok

Oleg Babunko

Category Head, Fresh, Perekrestok