X5 Dialog 2023: сonference of X5 Group’s major partners

10:00 — 16:00 место проведения MoscowOffline – attendance by personal invitation, online – publicly accessible



Plenary session for retail chain CEOs and managing directors


X5 Group’s strategy for working with major partners

Igor Shekhterman

Х5 Group CEO

Ekaterina Lobacheva

Х5 Group President

Vladimir Salakhutdinov

Director of Strategy and Business Development at X5 Group


Retail chains’ strategy for managing relations with X5 Group partners

Vladislav Kurbatov

Managing Director of Pyaterochka

Ilya Yakubson

Managing Director of Chizhik




Plenary session for commercial directors. Key focus areas of commercial strategy in 2024

Denis Vechkanov

Commercial Director at Pyaterochka

Dmitry Medvedev

Commercial Director at Perekrestok


Q&A session




Parallel sessions

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The round table aims to give suppliers an insight into X5’s expectations around partnering with suppliers in joint forecasting, planning, and supply chain management amid changes in the economic situation and consumer market (shortages of workforce, motor vehicles, and warehousing and logistics capacities) and into the development of services for suppliers to enable effective supply chain management and tools X5 offers to its suppliers (Dialog and Big Data platforms) as well as to highlight key initiatives in supply chain management for 2023–2024 and share success stories.

Mihail Burmistrov

CEO INFOLine-Analytics

Mikhail Aleshin

Supply Chain Director, Perekrestok

Igor Chebunin

Supply Chain Director, Pyaterochka

Tatiana Vorobieva

Planning Department Director, Unilever Rus

Alexey Zhenin

Key Account Manager, AB InBev Efes

Sergey Kirkin

Director for Business Development, JSC PROGRESS

Irina Kungurtseva

Category Planning Manager, Unilever Rus

Sergey Makhorin

Planning Manager, JSC PROGRESS

Elena Petrova

Customer Service Development Manager, AB InBev Efes

Maria Koshkarova

manager-implant Cherkizovo Group

Victoria Ivanova

Director of Supply Chain Development, Wimm-Bill-Dann

The Private Labels: Differentiation and Partnerships round table will raise the important topic of changing demands for private-label packaging caused by regulatory changes, private-brand strategies employed by retail chains, changes in consumer behaviour in the new environment, purchase drivers for private labels, the impact of the macroeconomic situation on consumer behaviours, private-label development plans and outlooks, building active communication with suppliers, expanding in-store product assortment, localising private-label production, and much more. The objective of this dialogue is to involve suppliers in new initiatives focused on partnering and building operating processes. In addition, the round-table discussion aims to build awareness of a set of guidelines on sustainable packaging developed for suppliers by X5 as part of its sustainability strategy to promote responsible consumption and use of resources, to highlight X5’s strategic initiatives driving the adoption of sustainable packaging, and share success stories of how we work with suppliers to roll out sustainable packaging for private-label products.

Svetlana Silenina

Head of the Consumer Market direction INFOLine

Alexandr Kovalenko

Private Label Director, Perekrestok

Maria Podkopaeva

Sustainable Development Director, X5

Elena Rudova

Private Label Director, Pyaterochka

Maxim Golubchikov

CEO, Impice

Alexey Skorokhodov

General Director Nuts trade

The round table aims to give suppliers an insight into X5’s strategic priorities and expansion plans for Siberia and the Far East as well as opportunities for partnering with X5, in particular, in private labels and exclusive brands, and to share the specifics of competitive landscapes and customer behaviours in Far Eastern regions.

Irina Kruglova

Deputy General Director of INFOLine

Yulia Tyuleneva

Executive Director of the East Territory division, Pyaterochka

Anton Bezryadin

Executive Director of the Far East Territory division, Pyaterochka

Ivan Yelizariev

Director of the Commercial Department at the East Territory division, Pyaterochka

Irina Beresneva

Commercial Director, Slata, KhlebSol

Vadim Zhurov

Commercial Director, Krasny Yar Group

Yulia Klimova

Sales Development Director, Slata

Oksana Tikhonova

Commercial Director of the Far East Territory division, Pyaterochka

Ivan Fedyakov

Founder & СЕО INFOLine

Alexey Firsov

Founder & СЕО Platforma

The round table aims to give suppliers an insight into key regulatory trends in the consumer market and FMCG production as well as X5 Group’s key strategic initiatives driven by regulatory changes, including the reform of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) system for manufacturers and importers and the expansion of the list of goods subject to mandatory labelling. The event will also inform suppliers about the development of self-regulation tools in the consumer market and dispute-resolution mechanisms used by X5 Group in its relations with suppliers as well as showcase success stories.

Andrey Danilenko

President, Agro Food Foundation SVOE

Nikita Kuznetsov

Deputy Director of the Department for Developing Domestic Trade, Light Industry and Legalizing Product Turnover, the Ministry of Industry and Trade


Nadezhda Sharavskaya

Head of the Department for Social Sphere, Trade and Non-productive Services of FAS Russia


Stanislav Bogdanov

GR Director, X5 Group

Maxim Arefiev

Director, Centre for Legal Support

Artem Belov

CEO, National Dairy Producers Union

Dmitry Vostrikov

Executive Director, Rusprodsoyuz Association

Sergey Nosenko

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, United Confectioners Holding