X5 Dialog 2021: сonference of X5 Group’s major partners


10:00 — 16:00


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Conference programme

10:00 — 10:10

Welcome speech

Peter Demchenkov

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

10:10 — 11:15

Plenary session “X5 Group’s and Retail Chains’ Strategy”

Igor Shekhterman

CEO of X5 Group

Sergei Goncharov

CEO of Pyaterochka

Vladislav Kurbatov

CEO of Perekrestok

Ilya Yakubson

CEO of Chizhik

11:15 — 11:30


11:30 — 13:00

Plenary session of commercial directors on the important themes of the 2021

Vitaly Valkov

Commercial Director, Pyaterochka

Dmitri Medvedev

Commercial director at Perekrestok

13:00 — 14:00


14:00 — 16:00

Parallel sessions

Description of the sessions in the tabs above

14:00 — 16:00

Product availability: collaborative projects and effective supply chain management solutions

2021 has been a year of significant challenges for the Russian consumer market: rising prices and elevated logistics costs, instability in global supply chains, increased pressure on the logistics infrastructure, transportation shortages, service level deterioration on the part of some suppliers, and higher demand volatility amid booming online sales.
How are retail leaders transforming their supply chain management in the face of market turbulence and rising logistics costs? How can suppliers improve planning, forecasting and restocking efficiency as part of collaborative projects with X5? What opportunities and logistics solutions does X5 offer to suppliers to improve supply chain efficiency?

Mikhail Burmistrov

CEO of INFOLine-Analytics

Vitaly Valkov

Commercial Director, Pyaterochka

Svetlana Skvortsova

Head of Integrated Planning, Pyaterochka

Natalia Grekhova

Supply Chain Director, Perekrestok

Igor Chebunin

Supply Chain Director, Pyaterochka

Tatiana Vorobieva

Head of Logistics and Customer Service, Unilever Rus

Roman Yuryev

Customer Logistics Manager, Mars

14:00 — 16:00

Responsible packaging: retail chains and suppliers on track to a new industry standard

The ESG agenda is becoming increasingly important and relevant for the retail industry and the consumer market, forming an integral part of retailer and supplier development strategies.
How can retailers and suppliers work together to promote responsible consumption and use of natural resources by embracing sustainable packaging while also maintaining supply chain cost efficiency? What changes in packaging in terms of raw materials, design and communication with consumers are detailed in X5’s sustainable packaging recommendations for different product categories? How can suppliers contribute to the creation of a new industry standard for consumer packaging?

Irina Kruglova

Deputy General Director of INFOLine

Dmitri Medvedev

Commercial director at Perekrestok

Maria Podkopaeva

Project Manager, Sustainable Development, X5

Vadim Korsun

Head of Environmental Regulation Projects, Х5

Eugenia Sedova


Maria Fedotova


Olga Vasiltsova


Ruslan Nozdryakov


Oraz Durdyev

AB InBev Efes

Evgeny Lichtinov

Ivan Filatkin

R&D PepsiCo

Dmitry Vostrikov

Maxim Novikov

Lyubov Melanevskaya

14:00 — 16:00

Promotion of goods: new opportunities for FMCG suppliers

In many industries, the market is already split among the players so effective work with the existing audience comes to the forefront. The focus on the loyal audience is getting stronger. The digital channel is becoming increasingly important (both in terms of its growing share and capabilities). It is crucial to understand what matters to a particular consumer and use it when communicating with them. Modern digital tools at the retailer’s disposal are seen as an effective way to accomplish this task by leveraging the benefits of personalised content and other features.

Ivan Fedyakov

CEO of INFOLine information agency

Mihail Yarcev

Marketing Director at Pyaterochka

Tatiana Stepanova

Marketing Director, Perekrestok

Alyona Semichastnova

Denis Marfutin

Alyona Khetagurova

Anna Demidovich

Maxim Markin

eCom Sales Activation Manager PepsiCo

Anastasia Ivanova


14:00 — 16:00

Sales analytics: digital dialogue between retailer and supplier

Today, digital technologies have become the basis for improving the efficiency of many business processes, on both the retailer’s and the manufacturer’s sides. Alongside accelerating market transformations, the pandemic has changed consumer habits, business environment, and trends. At the session, we will discuss the main updates and development plans for our Dialog.X5 platform and learn about the solutions offered by various advanced analytics modules. Leading retail market players will share their experience on the comprehensive use of Dialog.X5 data to create win-win cooperation strategies, taking into account the dramatic changes in the current reality; use of Test & Learn to analyse the efficiency of tests conducted at stores and their contribution to sales growth; use of data and analytics when launching new products.
Finally, we will preview the new analytics features for manufacturers.

Dmitri Prusov

BigData product and sales director Х5 Group

Denis Tsukanov

Product owner X5.Dialog Partner

Maxim Sivokon

Product owner X5.Dialog

Elina Lopatyuk

Sergey Khavronin

Chief Product Officer Х5 Group

Kirill Maslennikov

Key Account Manager, Henkel Beauty Care

Ekaterina Shpuga

Market Insights Manager Coca Cola HBC

Evgeniya Hoprichenkova

Commercial Excellence Director Coca Cola HBC

Alexey Strekh

Head of Trade Marketing Russia and CIS Campina

Natalia Andreeva

Vsevolod Chernoivanov